Tattoo Pillows

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Tattoo Pillows are perfect for your clients arms, legs, lower back or any other area to make your client comfortable and positioned properly for you to have a cozy and secure session. Sealed with all internal stitching, make it your most favorite, most sterile and wipeable Tattoo Pillow!

New "Jewel" Tattoo Pillows are now available!

  • Memory foam bolster pillow for client and artist comfort.
  • Travel friendly 9x18 size can be compressed and won’t lose shape.
  • Made in the USA from all vegan friendly materials.
  • Removable zippered vinyl cover is wipeable with any germicidal and machine washable (cold).
  • Better support for limbs and joints mean the client sits better longer.
  • Sanitary all internal stitching and sleek piping for a stylish look that compliments any shop or convention booth.

Brought to you by Calavera Craft Room