Wicked Fast Premium Foam Soap

WickedFast Skin Care has been handcrafted in the Missouri Bootheel (Kennett, MO) since 2007.  It was originally developed for tattoo after-care but was quickly discovered to be far more than that.  It is incredibly versatile and promotes Wicked Fast relief for, and healing of, the skin!

WickedFast contains 11 All-Natural Ingredients and is used to keep your clients’ tattoos vibrant and healthy.  WickedFast Glide is used during the tattooing process and the entirety of the healing process.  WickedFast is used to condition and promote healing of new tattoos and on existing tattoos to enrich color and improve the overall appearance of crafted artistry.

In addition, WickedFast is effective in treating eczema, psoriasis, burns, abrasions, diaper rash, insect bites, acne, dry/chapped skin and lips.  It has been used as a skin moisturizer for the face and body.  It is a 5-star reviewed product showing outstanding results for users.  It has a wide variety of uses when it comes to promoting the healing of human and mammal skin of any age.

 WickedFast is being used around the world by tattoo professionals, tattoo clients, and everyday people.   Many have taken the time to leave fantastic product reviews on the WickedFastSkinCare.com website.  Some of the benefits listed are:

- Compatible with all skin types, including sensitive skin

- Great with new and healed tattoos

- All-Natural ingredients heal and condition skin faster than other products used

- Works great on pets (Has been used on horses and cows as well)

- Works great on children's rashes, including diaper rash

- Works on wounds from work-related burns (numerous welding clients)

- Works post-surgery promoting healing quickly on scared skin and open wounds

- Works better than anything else used on Ezcema

The Customer reviews of WickedFast are outstanding!

WickedFast is:

▪ Paraben and dye-free

▪ Not tested on animals

▪️ Non GMO 

▪️ Cruelty free