Ink Tray Large

Save yourself valuable time while setting up for your next tattoo client at your studio, tattoo convention, guest spot or more!

Stop putting out loose ink caps or tipping your rinse cup onto your work area. The all new Ink Tray eliminates the need to set up a bunch of ink caps and a rinse cup. Ink Tray gives the tattoo or cosmetic artist a quick and easy set up along with a stable Ink Tray that doesn't tip over, spill or slide while tattooing.

The convenient ink tray gives the tattoo artist::
19 individual ink caps in a variety of sizes with spill proof ledges.
Small, Medium and Large Ink Caps all in one ink tray.
2 Rinse Cups for rinsing your tattoo needles.
The all new Ink Tray also has a recessed spill ledge around the rinse Cup and ink caps.
3 cartridge needle holders.
Ointment Area.
Ink spill ledges keeps color from overflowing into other colors.

The new Ink Tray is a miniature version of our original True Tray Covers that are also available on our True Tattoo Supply website. These Ink Trays sit perfectly on your workstation while not taking up very much room, making them the perfect addition to your everyday tattoo setup!