Drape Sheets / Lap Cloths


These 3 ply (2 ply paper / 1 ply poly) black bibs are highly absorbent and the polyethylene film provides a thin barrier for water resistance. Durable, high quality Italian paper is shred-resistant and color will not bleed when wet. Perfect for covering work areas, arm rest coverings, instrument trays, client barrier cloths, absorbing excess ink/blood and many more uses during the tattoo/piercing process! 13" x 18" size.


  • 13x18"
  • 2-ply paper / 1-ply poly provides excellent absorbency
  • Durable, high-quality Italian paper is shred-resistant
  • Color won’t run when bib is wet
  • Made in Italy
Adenna Lap Cloths - Black

Adenna 3-ply (2 ply paper/1 ply poly) black lap cloth bibs for tattooing are available at True Tubes! ADENNA® 3-Ply Patient Bibs are made of two layers of paper bonded together plus a layer of poly film. They feel soft, yet are made strong to prevent from tearing easily. They are good absorbent for liquid and moisture, and the poly film provides a water resistance layer. The surface has a horizontal embossing that helps prevent liquid or moisture from spreading onto patient’s clothing or other surfaces. Perfect for work areas, arm rest coverings, client barrier cloths, and many more uses during the tattoo process!


Available in full cases of 500 or individual bags of 125 bibs.

2-ply paper / 1 ply polyfilm. 18” x 13” / 45.5 x 33 cm sheets.


The BullDog drape sheets are one of the strongest drape sheets available today.  Made from non-Woven materials, these drape are water proof and durable which makes them perfect for longer sittings.  Gone are the days of your clients walking around with bits of contaminated drape sheet stuck to them and falling off all over the shop.

Available in Case of 50 sheets - 40" x 90"


Dynarex Drape Sheets - 50 each
The Dynarex Drape Sheets provide patient privacy and protection during exams and procedures. These sheets are 2-ply tissue and come in white.
  • 2-ply, Soft and breathable tissue
  • Provides patient protection and privacy during any type of personal exam
  • Available in white or blue

2-ply paper / 1 ply polyfilm. 40" x 90"