Disposable Rotary Machine

Disposable Rotary Tattoo Machine


The “True Paradox” tube machine is no more plastic than a disposable tube and more sterile than modern tattoo pens that the artist handles every client. The “True Paradox” disposable rotary tattoo machine tube is a 100% disposable tattoo tube machine (except for the motor) that is fully sterilized, individually packaged and work ready. With no more waste than a modern disposable tattoo tube, This disposable rotary tattoo machine has an adjustable grip that twists to give you a variety of needle depth adjustments. The easy and minimal motor (Not disposed of) and machine keep this disposable tattoo machine sleek and small in the artists hand. we first sneak peaked this disposable machine back in May and it’s now almost release time! The tube is now the machine! No more plastic than other disposable tubes and disposable tattoo tools. 

The “True Paradox” tube machine is no more plastic than a disposable tube. There are many items that a tattoo artist uses daily during a single tattoo procedure that are considered to be somewhat unfriendly to the earth and environmentally unsafe. Many of these items like plastic cups, plastic/ nylon caps, machine bags and bottle covers, clip cord covers, excessive inks, rubber bands, petroleum ointments and medical tape to name just a few. 

There are many other items used everyday in tattoo studios that are Eco-unfriendly as well including, latex gloves, used needles and needle bars, cold sterilization spray chemicals for counter tops that get disposed of in the trash, tube sterilization bags with plastic fronts, steel and plastic from razor blades and companies throwing away entire steel tips and barrels each client, not to mention the tools and chemicals that are used in a studio’s sterilization rooms that are typically poured down the drain and back into the environment.

Stay tuned for more info coming soon including a variety of styles, colors, motors, caps and much more! 

Does your studio have a disposable tube container or a recycling bin for your plastic items yet?

The future is now!

  • Meant for the traveling artist and everyday tattooer.
  • No more plastic than a disposable tube.
  • Safest machine
  • Board of health recommended
  • No more plastic than a disposable tube.
  • Safer than reusing pen machines
  • The most hygienic machine
  • A fully sterilized disposable machine

  • You keep the motor
  • Tube machine frame is al disposable 
  • Comes with an adjustable grip.

  • You can adjust needle depth

  • 100% disposable/ the only fully throw away machine




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