True Tubes and True Grips are proudly manufactured by a certified plastic injection molding and stainless steel milling specialist. True Tubes are EO Gas Sterilized and work ready! True Tubes has and can provide EO Gas Certificates, Steel Milling Certificates, Certificates of Conformance as well as any trademark and patent information. True Tubes works exclusively with it's manufacturer to ensure the best possibly quality and consistency. True Tubes Ltd. have all sterilization forms from every Lot# of every True Tubes, ErgoSquish and True Grips shipments. Please scroll to the bottom of our FAQ's page to get any EO Gas sterilization forms. If needed, we also have every True Tubes Ltd. stainless steel milling certificate, certificates of conformity, ABS plastic certificates as well as blister package certificates and more. Please let us know if you need any certificates from any True Tubes Lot# and we can send them over to you immediately. Thanks!



LOT #1