Many of today's top tattoo artists use True Tubes for their tattooing. Give them a try today, you'll see why!

Today's Top Tattoo Artists like Guy Aitchison, Bob Tyrrell, Jess YenJeff Gogue, Russ Abbott, Myke Chambers, Big Gus, Gunnar, Don McDonald, Durb Morrison, Dave BartonAdam France, Ty Mcewen, Kevin Stress, Richard Cook, Ben Riffe, Ian McKown, Anthony Dubois, Jose Perez, Travis Broyles and many more of today's top tattoo artists trust True Tubes, True Grips and True Needles for their tattooing! #truetubes #truegrips #ergosquish #trueneedles


“True Tubes are the world's first hybrid plastic/steel disposable tubes, offering all the convenience without making any of the sacrifices. The steel tips are made of high quality stainless and are always brand new with none of the wear and tear that you'll see on your non-disposable tips and at around two bucks each, we're talking about a significant improvement in your tattooing setup at just a fraction more cost than even the cheapest disposable tubes.”

" I especially like the true tube diamond tip liners. They feel more solid than my normal all-plastic disposable tubes, with less vibration, and less unwanted needle movement as it rides the tube tip.
This stability improves the speed and ease with which I can outline or render fine details with my round needle groupings."


I used the True Grips and loved them! True Grips are way grippier texture than the rubber ones, and the perfect size to fit the tube. The other grip covers hung over the edges of my tubes a bit. True Grips are also easier to slide on and off the tube grip. Nice job man!


"Truly the best steady and light-weight tubes and grips"!  - Jess Yen


"This is what I have been waiting for my whole career. For all the people who could not get use to disposables.
True Tubes, Kick Ass!!!"


Attention HAWK users! True Grip Covers are the PERFECT solution for the Hawk grip. I've never had a more comfortable experience with my Hawk. Highly Recommended!


"True Grips are what I have been looking for in a disposable grip for years. The grips fit perfectly on my disposable tubes, and have a nice grip to them. The application and removal is very easy and they grip immensely to the tube. Recently I have had issues with severe pain in my hands during and after tattooing. After using a true grip on a disposable tube, I was in heaven. No pain or discomfort throughout the entire tattoo process and it literally felt like I hadn't tattooed all day at the end of the day - after completing four tattoos. No more wrapping tubes in paper towels for me, no more fatigue, and no more cramping! Thank you for such a great product, and for saving my hands!"

"This is a tube that most tattoo artists have been waiting for to come out on the market. I started using True Tubes this past winter, and love the feel and the quality of this tube. This is a major breakthrough in disposable tattoo tubes. For most artists using steel tubes, they would be most satisfied using True Tube. True Tube allows me to use my liner much faster and more efficiently; and when shading the needle lays flat in the tube without shifting and rising from the tip. I'm excited to see what the future holds for True Tube customers. I'm proud to represent this very high end disposable tattoo tube."


"The tubes are ridiculous! The liner "is the most precise, groundbreaking, revolutionary disposable tube on the market today, hands down.
It just keeps feeding and feeding and I don't have to keep dipping and dipping. It's like I'm not even using a disposable tube".


"I love True Grips, they are truly perfect as far as I'm concerned"!- Russ Abbott

"True Grips are the best solution I've found for alleviating the hand discomfort artists experience during long tattoo sessions." - Russ Abbott Ink & Dagger Tattoo Parlour- Decatur GA

I've been using disposable tubes for liners for years but I've never been able to deal with them for my shaders. So I picked up some True Tubes hoping that the metal tips might solve the problem for me. I'm excited to say that within a few minutes of tattooing with a 9 mag in a True Tube, I completely forgot I was using a disposable tube at all. It was business as usual- except without the arm fatigue from working with a heavy stainless tube. - Russ Abbott

"The reason I don't use disposable tubes is because the plastic tips are too thick and the needles don't seem to ride in the tube correctly. When I heard that you were making disposable tubes with steel tips i contacted you immediately. After trying your new tubes i realized that they were the closest thing to using traditional steel tubes. There is a massive difference between true tubes and other plastic tipped disposable tubes. I've been waiting for someone to perfect the disposable tube and True Tubes have done it"!


"I was actually surprised at how good these tubes were. I thought it was more of a gimmick-an alright idea that involved spending more money and getting mediocre results. That was, until Durb gave me one to use at the Austin Convention, and I forgot what I was missing out on with metal tubes! The whole thing just felt more solid and easy to control, like switching from a sharpie to a rapidograph".


I got the chance to try out the True Tubes at a recent convention and they're hands down the best disposable tubes I've ever used!!

I've been using True Tubes for around 3 years now. Before that I only used non disposable steel tubes. I had tried most every brand of disposable tubes but every one made me feel like they were working against me and my machines. When I first used True Tubes I had to turn down my voltage. Excuse there was no longer the resistance that I was getting will plastic tubes. It was like night and day!


Honestly True Grips are the best thing for my hands I've ever used in tattooing.  After I ran out of True Grips the first time and I  had to use normal tubes, even with paper towels, the difference was awful!  The Eco-Friendly coozie material is the shit!


True Tubes would have to be the, well, 'most true' disposable in comparison to regular stainless steel tubes.
Less restraint than the plastic ones, the support of the metal tip and best of all, totally disposable. I would absolutely use these- perfect for conventions or even at the shop!


"True Tubes are by far the best disposable tubes I have used. They are the closest thing to steel tubes around, letting my machines perform to their maximum potential.They offer the cleanliness of a disposable and the performance of steel tubes I really miss. In other words they are badass! I definitely recommend them to any tattooer".


"True Tubes really keep the pedal to the metal They keep my machine running fast and smooth"


"I've been tattooing with disposable tubes exclusively for the last 7 years. There's probably not a brand I haven't tried. These are by far the BEST disposable tubes ever made. One of those products that makes me say "Crap! Why didn't I think of that?".


"True tubes are dopeness man, the liners are perfect for that fine line Cali Style"!



Josh Riley

"I'm gonna order some more of them true tubes next week those things are awesome too man best disposable I've ever used def improved my work alot"!

Eric Wood
Hey Guys, i just wanted to email you and say that..HONESTLY by far the are hands down the best f#@#ing tubes ive ever used!!...I ordered some sample packs the other day and fell in love...Im ordering more now...Just curious if you guys ever run promotions or sales...cause they are a lil pricey..They are totally worth it, no doubts there but its always awesome to catch stuff on sale....Thanks for the awsome tubes!!!..PS..YOU GUYS SHIPPED THEM FAST AS FUCK!!! which even sweetened the deal...I got the ergosquish by the way, everyone at the shop was in awe..their old school guys so they dont venture out of their box to, I've told everyone ive seen about them.. KEEP IT UP...and let me know of any promotions!!! SINCERELY....ERIC WOOD

Ty McEwen

I just wanted to say I think it's really cool what you are doing with true tubes and needles.. I really respect that a tattooer( and an awesome one) such as yourself is creating products that are the core of what we need to create . Just wanna say I really think its cool dude.. Keep it going! Ty McEwen

Jay Purdy
I just got two boxes of True Tubes in the mail to give a trial run with. Well, the trial is over and they now have a lifetime customer! These steel tip disposable tubes are amazing. Half way through a tattoo you'll look down and you'll be shocked with the reminder that you are in fact using a disposable. I've never come across a disposable product that I was comfortable recommending until I tried these. They are crazy comfortable, especially with the ergosquish line, and perfect for long or short sessions. The liner tips are angled for improved needle sight and the mag tips are open, perfect for a cleaner rinse. The back stem won't crimp or rotate like most of their competitors products. These are great for all artists weather you're traveling for guest spots and conventions, or if you're doing your 10th infinity "love/faith/family" tattoo for the day at your home shop. Try them out and you won't be able to argue that there's a better product on the market!

Beware Of Cheap Imitations! True Tubes have been researched & tested by today's top tattoo artists!